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Bionx double battery remove power limit
« am: 02. Februar 2014, 13:28 »

I have been tweaking my Trek T700+ 2013 a bit, and besides hydraulic brakes, other crank etc. is the most interestingly part; I put on a second batterysleigh, with a second battery. They discharge simultaneously, it works fine with one paired to the motor and console, and the other one linked only in the electric circuit so without CAN connection to motor and console. It was a very welcome addition actually, since running on one battery only, discharged way to quick mostly or led to powerloss. The only thing is that when both batteries are full, at around half capacity it begins to reduce power immensely, when powered down for a few minutes, or when starting at half capacity both batteries everything is fine though. I think it is due to a temperature limit that's exceeded, or quickly discharging and exceeding some kind of software limit for a maximum Amperage it may use. Also I tried unplugging the CAN linked battery from the electric circuit, discharging only the second and non CAN linked battery. This leads to speed of up to 53 km/h with ease, since the system keeps thinking the battery is full, due to reading the values of the non discharging battery. I have a TinyCan interface, but got no clue how I can change any value in the system I would like, and what values I should change. I think I need to higher the discharge count in Ampere/Watt since double batteries would mean in theory double discharge, and some options to higher the temperature and torque limits for the motor and battery etc. I hope you guys can help me out! I will upload some pictures of the double sleigh soon.   

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