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Mountain mode in V5.9
« am: 19. April 2012, 15:49 »
1st of all appologies for the English post but as always my German is still crap!

Has anyone tried the new "Mountain" function in the V5.9 consol SW?

As per the BionX user Manual:

"The Mountain mode uses an intelligent algorithm based upon the effort and the assistance level required.
The Mountain mode provides the rider with an assistance level optimized for climbing long steep hills.
Without this mode, the motor can automatically revert to an overheat protection mode thereby diminishing
the assistance provided. The Mountain mode can be activated (where available) by your dealer
through a software update of the system."

I have just updated to 59.105.96 and the Mountain mode is indeed there (set assist level to +4 then hold + for 2 seconds and the display will show Mountain and the 4 bars will flash).

I can also confirm that the speed limit and throttle still work with V5.9 as long as you run Bigxionflasher -l again.

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Re: Mountain mode in V5.9
« Antwort #1 am: 19. April 2012, 18:26 »
It is reported that the mountain mode simply reduces the max power, so that the motor does not overheat anymore.

No artificial intelligence in sight  ;)
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Re: Mountain mode in V5.9
« Antwort #2 am: 17. Juni 2012, 21:15 »
Hallo zusammen,

habe da eine Frage bezüglich dem Konsolen-Parameter 10(Mountain Modus). Habe mit dem BigXionFlasher den Mountain Mode entsprechend parametrisiert. Der Mode funktioniert auch! Nun egal welche Wertigkeit ich über BigXionFlasher angebe, bleibt der Konsolen-Parameter 10 immer derselbe. Sollte der nicht korrespondieren mit der Angabe die ich im BigXionFlasher gemacht habe, oder für was ist dieser Konsolen-Parameter 10(Mountain Modus)??

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